Who’s Who

A quick guide to the folks that are frequently mentioned here.

@GayGeekDad I’m Mark, and this is my blog. I’m a stay-at-home dad raising two adopted sons. When I’m not wiping noses and breaking up fights, I love fantasy fiction, video games, and technology. I went to a movie at a movie theatre this year!

Austin This is my husband and co-gaygeekdad. We are two very different flavors of geek, though. While I can tell you about what changed between the different editions of D&D and why Rydia is my favorite character in a Final Fantasy game, Austin can tell you about the different airline liveries and has the timetable memorized for the trains that go by our house.

Andrew Our six year old son. Andrew is a bright, outgoing little boy who makes friends everywhere he goes. But he’s sure that no one likes him, and is desperate for approval from anyone and everyone.

Jordan Our four year old son. Jordan is a complicated little boy who moves between love and rage multiple times every day. He is a character and wraps everyone around his little finger. He’s also the most observant person I know.

Auntie She’s not really my sister, but she might as well be. We’ve been best friends for more than 30 years, and serve as each other’s sounding boards. We count on each other to always, always tell it exactly as we see it.

Nana and Grandpa My parents. We’re lucky to have them nearby. It took us a lot of work in my teens and twenties, but it paid off and we have a great relationship now. They are awesome grandparents, and I’m really grateful to have them in my sons’ lives.

Bubbe and Zayde Austin’s parents. That work I had to do with my parents to have a healthy relationship? They’re still working on it. Austin’s parents have had a hard time accepting that he’s gay and that I’m here to stay. The boys have helped our relationship in a lot of ways, and Austin’s parents have been making an effort.


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