A Drive Down Memory Lane

Parque Villa-Lobos

This afternoon, we went to a cookout at my brother’s house. It’s actually the first time I’ve been to his condo since he and his wife bought it last year. Usually, they come to us. Or more accurately, they come to my parents’ house, and that’s ten minutes from us. It just ends up being easier for everyone.

But today, we took the back roads and went through a town and city that I almost never go through. It’s the city where my sons lived with their mother, and where they were in foster care. We drove past a school with a playground that my older son remembers. We drove past a street that made me nudge my husband’s shoulder and whisper, “That’s the street with that daycare.” As in, that’s the daycare where our younger son was assaulted.

My husband didn’t know the location of that daycare, I realized. I only knew which daycare it was because our older son pointed it out to me, back when we used to drive through this city. I don’t think he knew about what happened to his brother there, but he certainly knew that it was his brother’s daycare.

We had a nice time with my brother, his wife, and her family. The boys had fun, and my sister-in-law’s father(who is the father of three girls) was excited to get to play with some boy toys. The boys were shockingly well behaved.

On the way home, we took a slightly different route. I don’t think the boys really have negative associations with the landmarks on our first route, but I can never really be sure. But on the way home, we drove by some landmarks that brought back memories for my husband and I.

“Do you remember the playground over there?” he asked.

And of course I do. It’s the playground where we first met our sons, on a playdate with their foster moms. Andrew was much more interested in what he was having for snack than meeting some “new friends,” but Jordan, who wasn’t really even speaking yet at the time, wanted me to hold his hand so he could drag me around the playground.

“I think you can rest assured that as long as I live, I will never forget that playground,” I tell Austin.

Now it’s my turn to point out a landmark. “That’s the Dunkin’ Donuts where we stopped after meeting the kids,” I say.

We both remember it because we got in the car to drive home after our playdate, but we were both shaking so much we had to stop. So we pulled into the Dunkin’ Donuts and sat there until we calmed down a little.

One more landmark? I’ve been writing this blog for a year, and this is my 42nd post. Not quite up to my goal of one decent post per week, but not as far off as I thought.

Need a laugh? I looked at my search terms. After terms you might expect, like “geek gay” “gay dad” and “gay geek dad,” my next most popular search term is “spy kids gay.” Apparently, people wonder about whether the spy kids are gay, and think maybe I have the answer.


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I'm a stay-at-home dad with a husband and two young sons. When I'm not driving the kids to school or camp or swimming lessons or cleaning up bathroom accidents, I try to remember to update my blog.

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