I Cast Magic Missile at the Darkness

My first experience with Dungeons and Dragons was in eighth grade, when I got a boxed set and tried to run a game for a couple of friends one weekend. Needless to say, I was not a particularly skilled dungeon master, and we spent most of the game arguing over how the rules worked. (Actually, that sounds like a lot of adult D&D games, too, so maybe we weren’t as far off as I thought.)

I’ve been playing D&D on and off ever since, but that weekend in eighth grade is the last time I tried to be a dungeonmaster. Until yesterday!

I’ve started a campaign for a few of my World of Warcraft guildmates (are you seeing the layers of geekdom here? playing D&D with friends from my gay World of Warcraft guild?), and we had our first play session yesterday evening. It actually went pretty smoothly, and I think everyone had a good time.

The most difficult part was bending MapTools to my will. I spent a lot of time last week making sure that everyone’s abilities were properly scripted so combat would go smoothly. It may have gone a little too smoothly, because my players completely steamrolled their first combat encounter. But that’s ok, because we left off at a cliffhanger, with an army of skeletons surrounding them.

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I'm a stay-at-home dad with a husband and two young sons. When I'm not driving the kids to school or camp or swimming lessons or cleaning up bathroom accidents, I try to remember to update my blog.

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  1. Ahh.. good ole map tools. I miss our old sessions.

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